An enthusiast of cave climbing and expeditions in Polar Regions: Iceland, Svalbard and the Antarctic

I took part in discovering new caves in the Picos de Europa mountains in Spain, and made it to the bottom of the deepest cave in this range: Sistema del Hou de la Canal Parda at -903 m/-2963 ft.

I climbed in winter, wearing cross-country skis, Newtontoppen, the highest peak of Svalbard at 1717 m/5633 ft. above sea level, hauling a sled with the expedition equipment and food. I skied solo with a sled for 120 km across the biggest ice plateau in Europe, Hardagervidda in Norway.

An experienced sailor, I took part in many polar sailing expeditions where we circled i.a. Svalbard, Cape Horn, and sailed to the Antarctic.

I was awarded a prize for ‘outstanding sport achievement’ by the Polish Sport and Tourism Administration.

My favourite colour is blue.

I adore the vastness and beauty of harsh, polar landscape of the Arctic and Antarctic

Hobby: canoeing, mountain trekking, and travelling in regions very remote from civilisation. When not taking part in another expedition – I enjoy gardening and DIY

A few years ago I fell for the South Pole.

Now is the time to face the challenge:-)